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Accept the Challenge

fun and very powerful way to understand your actual level or even upgrade it

  • Upgrade your skills
  • Gain new experience
  • Meet new people
  • Consult the experts
  • Get great job offers
  • Find contractors
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    For Whom are IT Challenges?

    For those, who wants to try their skills in IT fields by competing with others in limited timeframes on challenging tasks. There are two levels: junior and middle/senior and two nominations this year: web and mobile. Choose your level and nomination accodingly.

  • 02

    Where is it going to be?

    IT Challenges is held online. So, people all over the globe can participate directly from a favorite working place. The finalists are invited to Poland, where the offline part will be held - the Final.

  • 03

    How to Start?

    To participate, just press Accept Challenge and sign up during the period of Registration. At this stage, participants note the specialization, nomination, and level. After signing up, competitors receive the confirmational email.

  • 04

    Qualify stage

    All registered participants receive the task in their profiles according to the selected specialization and level. The tasks are prepared by highly qualified and experienced professionals - the Jury board and aim for an outbox thinking. The solutions have to be prepared within a given period.

  • 05

    Results stage

    Participants receive the results of performed work. The most skilled, TOP specialists, get the opportunity to compete with the strongest opponents in their field in Gran Final. All competitors are getting a feedback from the Jury, which helps to upgrade participant‘s level.

  • 06

    Final stage

    The last stage, where get the strongest, smartest and skilled specialists - finalists is offline and is held in Krakow, Poland. TOP 10 finalists of each category are competing side by side at one place during the challenging time. Next day the Jury annonce the lucky winners (1st, 2nd and 3d place) and give feedbacks. After the intensive work it‘s a hight time for chilling, meeting new people, exchanging the experience, and off course, a small party.

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    More questions?

    Just give us a shout and we will contact you shortly



The first wave of the championship.
Be among the finalists and go to Poland for the first place!

May 17 - 31
The first step for participation. After completing the registration, competitors receive the email with confirmation
June 1 - 10
The challenge begins! Participants receive the tasks, prepared by the jury
June 25
The moment of truth. Participants get the results of the submitted works. The best are welcome to Final in Poland

Had no chance to participate in the first wave? Don't worry.
This is the second chance to try your hands at the championship

sep 10 - 28
The first step for participation. After completing the registration, competitors receive the email with confirmation
sep 29 - oct 10
The challenge begins! Participants receive the tasks, prepared by the jury
oct 20
The moment of truth. Participants get the results of the submitted works.
nov 5-6
final, Krakow
Its time to show everything you have! Get to final in Krakow and be the winner!


General Partners
Info Partners


Héctor Zarate
iOS, Sweden
Software Engineer at Spotify.
Hector Zarate is Spotify’s own iOS cowboy. Besides working at some exciting features, he is also author of an internal framework in charge of rendering lots of Spotify in iOS.

On his spare time he occasionally develops his own apps, writes on iOSCowboy.com and tries to find the best milk chocolate bar in he world.
Vladimir Agafonkin
Front-end, Ukraine
Leaflet author, engineer at Mapbox.
Vladimir is a an engineer at Mapbox and one of the leaders in online maps industry. He created Leaflet, the most popular open source library for interactive maps, and plenty of other open source libraries with a focus on high-performance spatial algorithms.

Besides, he is a rock musician (leading the band Obiymy Doschu), a master of Applied Mathematics, a fitness, martial arts and photography enthusiast, and a father of twin girls.
Ingvar Stepanyan
Front-end, UK
Premature optimization engineer at CloudFlare
Obsessed D2D programmer (Acorn, Babel, ESTree, JSX, etc.), speaker and reverse engineer. Premature optimization engineer at CloudFlare.
Mariusz Gil
Back-end, Poland
Co-owner at Source Ministry
Architect and CTO focused on high performance and scalable web applications. Trainer, consulant and conference speaker. He has been working for several companies on PHP projects for millions of active users, from biggest social network and instant-messaging software in Poland to multi-billion PV content personalization and discovery platform. Mariusz is also member of 4Developers and PHPcon Programme Commitees and one of core members behind PHPers, open meetups for PHP developers in many cities in Poland. Big-data enthustiast and data-sciencist wannabe. After hours, biker and rock guitarist.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariuszgil
Lanyrd: http://lanyrd.com/profile/mariuszgil/
Linkedin: http://pl.linkedin.com/in/mariuszgil/en
Anastasiia Chudovska
QA, Poland
Engineer at Opera Software
QA Engineer with more than 5 years of experience, currently works at Opera Software. Previously worked as a test engineer for web and desktop applications in 3Shape company.

Anastasiia decided to become a software test engineer since met too many bugs in real life and software which usually were not noticed by others =) She spends a lot of time on Coursera and other MOOC websites. She can not imagine her life without traveling and horses.

Linkedin: anastasiia-chudovska
Wojtec Zajac
Front-end, Poland
Lead front-end developer at X-Team.com

Wojtek loves anything related to Angular.js, React, UX and Web Accessibility. He’s been working among or leading distributed front-end teams continuously since 2006. Started Xfive.co office in Kraków in 2010. Featured clients: Twitter, FOX Broadcasting Company, Rogers Media, RIOT Games, Kaplan Inc. Enjoys public speaking and traveling.

Linkedin: wojciechzajac
Personal website: wojtekzajac.com
Twitter: theanxy

Konrad Krawczyk
Design, Poland
Design Lead at Kontakt.io
Multidisciplinary designer focused on ux & web design and branding. Currently works as a Design Lead at Kontakt.io. Before Kontakt.io he worked for PromoAgency, where he designed for such brands as Aviva, LOT, KIC InnoEnergy, Kruszwica and GreenPharmacy.

Konrad has more than 7 years of experience of designing projects for individual clients and companies in Poland and abroad.

Linkedin: konrad-krawczyk
Stan Malkin
Back-end, Ukraine
Co-founder at Creativin
Stan has 10 years of commercial experience in development. From simple websites to huge CRM systems. Worked as a standalone developer and as a team leader, project manager.

He loves to work with brilliant people.
Anna Kokhan
Design, Ukraine
Co-founder of Creativin, UI/UX and Product Designer
Creative-minded designer, passionate about the interactions and trends but also loves transfering complex solutions into a clear UX design. Currently works as a Product Designer at the US startup Fract and Art Director at her studio in Prague - Creativin.

Anna has 5 years of experience of designing projects for the agencies and startups from all over the world.

Personal website: annakokhan.com
Andrii Matukhno
QA, Czech Republic
Software Engineer at Microsoft (Skype)
Software Engineer focused on quality and testing processes. Currently works at Microsoft, Skype division (Prague, Czech Republic).

Andrii has 6+ years of experience in software testing. He is a co-founder of QA Club Kiev - community of software testing engineers. He is passionate about automation and continuous delivery. In his free time he likes travelling, photography and chatting about new technologies, mentoring junior testers. Motto - "It's important to do what you like and never stop learning."

Linkedin: https://cz.linkedin.com/in/andriimatukhno
Mateusz Herych
Android, Poland
Android guy @ IG
Mateusz is a GDG Kraków co-organizer and a Google Developer Expert for Android. He works at IG where he uses his Android abracadabras to make financial software better integrated with mobile and more user friendly. Fresh father of twins, writing this bio having a child on his arm.


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